We are joined this week by an elite panel of writers, radio personalities, and podcasters (DonV, Dwight Vick, Danny Nokes, Grayson Wimbish, David Cunningham, Jon McLaughlin, and Mike McDaniel) as we preview the Hokies 2022 season in the first annual Hokies Season Preview Panel.

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Danny NokesProfile Photo

Danny Nokes

Podcast and Radio Show Host

Cohost of the Vicktory Life podcast, Weekend and Overtime host at 106.7 the fan in DC, and former Wes McElroy producer.

Vito BelfieldProfile Photo

Vito Belfield

Creator and Host of DonV Fridays

Hokie podcast trailblazer from the 757 and host of DonV Fridays.

Grayson WimbishProfile Photo

Grayson Wimbish

Cohost of the Sons of Saturday

Hokie alum and Sons of Saturday co-host. When he's not talking Hokies he's creating some kickass graphics and videos.

David CunninghamProfile Photo

David Cunningham

Managing Editor Tech Sideline

Managing Editor at Tech Sideline. Virginia Tech School of Communications Alum, Class of 2021.

Jon McLaughlinProfile Photo

Jon McLaughlin

Former Player and Podcaster

Jon McLaughlin is a Virginia Tech graduate and Hokies football player from 2013-2016. He played offensive line for the Hokies and was the first freshman to start at left tackle for a Frank Beamer coached team. Since graduation Jon has teamed up with former teammate Luther Maddy to create The Locker Room podcast. This players only podcast features discussions and interviews with former Hokies players that allows listeners to share in some of the unique Hokie Brotherhood moments.

Mike McDanielProfile Photo

Mike McDaniel

Sports Writer and Podcaster

Mike McDaniel graduated from the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech in 2015. He has previously written for Gobbler Country on the SB Nation network, Fighting Gobbler for Fansided, InsideTheACC.com, The Tech Lunch Pail, and most recently for Sports Illustrated. In addition to writing, Mike is also the host of the Sons of Saturday Hoops podcast, co-host of Basketball Conference: The ACC Football Podcast and the Hokie Hangover Podcast covering Virginia Tech athletics.

Dwight VickProfile Photo

Dwight Vick

Hokie Legend/Vicktory Life Founder

Dwight is a proud graduate of Virginia Tech. While at Virginia Tech, Dwight played for the legendary Coach Frank Beamer as an offensive lineman from 1994-1999.

In an effort to help youth achieve their dreams of becoming successful, he created Vicktory Life in 2018 and works as the Director of Student Development. In this role, he provides therapeutic mentoring to at risk youth focuses on goal setting, career development, time management, and life skills.